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312 days and counting – and Ferguson still forcing Tasmanian women to travel interstate

  • Almost a year since termination services withdrawn – and still no guarantee from Ferguson or Hodgman
  • Liberals now a week beyond their own deadline for reinstatement of services
  • Premier and Health Minister must tell women today – what date will services be available
The Hodgman Liberal Government’s appalling betrayal of Tasmanian women and families in failing to reinstate termination services looks certain to continue.
Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said after the last Tasmanian clinic closed on December 31 last year – 312 days ago – the Premier could today provide no guarantee that services would even be reinstated by the end of the year.
“The Health Minister Michael Ferguson said services would be reinstated in October and he has now missed that important promised deadline completely,” Ms Lovell said.
“Today Premier Hodgman has appallingly told Tasmanians he can only “hope” there will be a service by the end of the year.
“The government has for 10 months now forced women to travel interstate – at huge cost and considerable inconvenience – to access safe and legal services.
“Premier Hodgman has allowed Michael Ferguson’s well known personal opposition to abortion to clearly influence his responsibility as Health Minister to provide that safe and legal service for 10 months and today it has been revealed there is still no clear path forward.
“Michael Ferguson has treated Tasmanians with utter contempt and failed miserably in his duty of care.
“If the Premier had not been so weak as to allow Michael Ferguson’s personal beliefs to inexcusably cloud his judgement, services would have been available months ago and terminations could have been established within the public system by now.”
Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Minister for Health