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Action needed on donation law reform

  • Tasmania’s donation laws weakest in the country
  • Labor calling on Government to release hidden report
  • Tasmania needs transparency over political donations

Labor is calling on the government to release a report on draft reform to the Electoral Act and commit to delivering the donation law reform it promised in the lead up to the 2018 election.

Shadow Attorney-General Ella Haddad said Tasmania has the weakest laws on political donation disclosure in the country.

“Tasmanians are right to feel cynical when there is absolutely no system in place to ensure they know who is donating to political parties and candidates and how much they spend on campaigning.

“Former Premier Will Hodgman promised to fix these broken laws and he commissioned a public consultation. The report from that consultation has been sitting on the Attorney-General’s desk since December – this is the trademark secrecy we have come to expect from Elise Archer.

“What has the report uncovered and why is the government hiding it nine months later? Why have the new Premier and his Minister seemingly walked away from this vital reform?

“Next week in Parliament, we will continue to call on the Government to release the report.

“Meanwhile, just this week we have seen yet another Liberal party donor awarded an exclusive government contract.

“Tasmanians are calling out for transparency and donation reform – these broken laws need fixing. It is fundamental to our democracy and to restoring trust in politics.

“Labor has a Private Members Bill out for community consultation which would address many of these issues. If our Bill passes, all donations to political parties, individual MPs and candidates over $1,000 would be disclosed monthly and there would be spending caps on election campaigns.

“Elections must be a battle of ideas, not a battle of bank accounts.”

Ella Haddad
Shadow Attorney-General