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Alarm bells at latest fruit fly discovery

  • Time for Courtney to front up and take unfolding crisis seriously
  • Liberals need to do more with jobs, industry at risk
  • Spin and secrecy need to end if state is to properly tackle fruit fly

The latest discovery of fruit fly, this time in Mowbray, is a very serious development.
Shadow Primary Industries Minister Shane Broad said the discovery of a mature fly could constitute another outbreak.
“It’s a fly that’s gone through its life cycle. The idea that this is something that doesn’t really matter couldn’t be further from the truth. This is serious and it’s time for Minister Sarah Courtney to front up and take it seriously,” Dr Broad said.
“There’s a lot at stake for our state’s industry and the workers who support it.
“This is an unfolding disaster – fruit fly has been found in the North-West, North and in the South.
“These outbreaks could pop up anywhere – all it takes is an infected piece of fruit to be thrown in the compost or thrown to the chooks and we could have another outbreak.
“The Liberals’ spin has been that everything is fine and they have it under control – clearly these latest detections show that they do not.
“Tasmania is very lucky that we have vigilant members of the public who are keeping an eye out for fruit fly.
“The Liberals need to take this seriously, and bulk up surveillance of the supermarket supply chain as well as set up a task force, as Labor urged during caretaker conventions over the election.
“Instead of attempting to bury the issue, as the Liberals are, it’s time to rethink the strategies that need to be put in place to ensure we can regain Tasmania’s fruit fly free status.”
“It is time for the Liberal secrecy to stop.”

Shane Broad MP
Shadow Primary Industries Minister