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Arrogance of Liberals reaches new heights

  • Liberals try and dodge questions over their health announcement       
  • What are Will Hodgman and Michael Ferguson trying to hide?    
  • Liberals only interested in themselves      

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the arrogance of Will Hodgman and the Liberals has reached new heights by trying to not answer questions over their health policy.

“The Liberals have proven today that they only care about themselves,” Ms White said.

“Will Hodgman only cares about his own job. He doesn’t care about improving Tasmania’s health system. If he did, he would have done something about it by now.

“To try and avoid questions over the number one issue facing Tasmanians is a disgrace.

“The Liberals are treating Tasmanians with contempt.

“We’ve got a secretive, arrogant government that has had four years to show a commitment to health but let people down badly.

“Tasmanians are smart enough to see through the Liberals’ stage-managed, choreographed tricks.

“The Liberals’ launch reeked of entitlement. If you’re not part of the Liberal club, you don’t get a say.

“Will Hodgman made that clear when he implied that he can be bought by wealthy donors like the poker machine industry.

“They won’t say how much money is being pumped into their campaign from the gambling industry and they’re desperate to avoid scrutiny.”