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Back to the drawing board for the Insignia Bill

  • Liberals unwilling to work together on improving the Insignia Bill
  • Labor supports giving police the tools they need to effectively target organised crime, including the power to ban colours with appropriate checks
  • Bill has too many flaws to fix on the run

The Hodgman Liberal Government must go back to the drawing board with its Police Offences Amendment (Prohibited Insignia) Bill.

The Tasmanian Labor Party today moved an amendment in Parliament calling for the bill to be withdrawn and redrafted.

Shadow Minister for Police, Dr Shane Broad, said Labor had attempted to engage with the Premier to seek sensible amendments, but to date the Government had not responded.

“After a briefing from police yesterday, Labor wrote to the Premier calling for an urgent meeting to discuss improvements to the Bill,” Dr Broad said.

“As we have had no response, we feel there is no other option but to move to have the bill withdrawn and redrafted.”

“The Police Minister clearly wanted Labor to oppose the Bill and waited until the very end of the debate to flag that he would be willing to consider amendments in the Upper House.

“While Labor supports the intent of the Bill, we have reservations about the powers of the Minister and the lack of an appeals mechanism.

“Our position remains that the fight against organised crime in Tasmania needs to be much, much broader including – but not limited to – outlaw motorcycle gangs,” Dr Broad said


Shane Broad MP
Shadow Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services