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Barnett announces energy crisis meeting

Tasmania’s major energy projects are in jeopardy with the collapse of the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).
Energy Minister Guy Barnett has announced a crisis meeting with generators who will be privately concerned about the collapse of the NEG and the absence of any national energy policy.
“This is akin to a crisis meeting,” Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said.
“Mr Barnett cannot explain Australia’s energy policy because there isn’t one.”
The newly minted Federal Energy Minister does not believe wind projects are economically viable.
“They did come to different conclusions on solar and the large-scale, the wind subsidies, and what we know is rooftop solar in remote areas can be economic, but large-scale wind it’s very clear that it’s not economic on any grounds.”
Commonwealth Energy Minister, Angus Taylor
The most powerful Tasmanian Liberal Eric Abetz is an advocate for coal and nuclear energy.
“We should be opening the door to considering nuclear power.”
Senator Eric Abetz, October 2016
“We have Mr Barnett with a one line energy policy, but no idea who is going to pay for the second interconnector, pumped hydro or how he is going to traverse an energy policy minefield,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“Mr Barnett  is completely out of his depth as he desperately tries to spruik a national energy policy that no longer exists, a state energy policy that he does not understand and energy projects which are now stranded in uncertainty.
“Any winding back of the already weak national climate change targets will hurt Tasmania’s renewable energy opportunities, particularly pumped hydro and a second Bass Strait interconnector.
“It is regrettable that because of the wrecking of Senator Abetz and Tony Abbott, and Mr Barnett’s total failure to secure a national energy policy that supports Tasmania’s energy sector, energy projects are now without certainty.
“Mr Barnett needs to be making the case for a national energy policy which supports Tasmania’s place as the renewable energy capital of Australia.  He cannot allow the politics of the Liberal Party to ruin this opportunity for the state.”