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Barnett’s backflip on sheds welcome

  • Government’s changes saw the cost of building a shed skyrocket
  • Rules were having a huge impact on the industry and anyone wanting to build a shed   
  • Backflip from the Minister is welcomed by Labor

Labor Leader Bryan Green has welcomed the Hodgman Government’s backflip over the rules around building a shed in Tasmania.

“Tasmanians were being slugged with huge costs just to erect a standard size shed and the industry was being hit hard,” Mr Green said.

“The cost of building a shed went up sixty per cent overnight because the Government was forcing Tasmanians to employ a builder.

“The Government was bragging about cutting red tape but it had actually made building a shed very expensive and time consuming.

“After being approached by people affected by the Government’s changes, I raised the issue through the media to highlight the massive and unjustified cost burden.

“Initially the Director of Building Control announced some small changes would be made but now the Government appears to have gone a step further and completely backflipped.

“Building and Construction Minister Guy Barnett has now promised the Government will reverse its original decision and remove the unnecessary rules in place.

“I’ll be making sure the Government does genuinely remove the impediments to building a shed and that this isn’t a promise to get the story out of the news.”