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Barnett’s politically charged energy payment

  • Liberals caught using Aurora to make payments to voters
  • Unclear who will sign the cheques sent to 80,000 households
  • Aurora CEO gagged over advice given on payments

The Liberal Government’s blatant political pitch to energy users has been exposed in Government Business Enterprise hearings.

Shadow Energy Minister Scott Bacon said Guy Barnett has been caught red-handed using public money to try and win votes.

“Instead of giving eligible customers credit on their bills, the Liberals will send our letters and cheques with the Government’s letterhead emblazoned on them,” Mr Bacon said.

“Aurora Energy will spend half a million dollars to issue 80,000 $125 cheques to voters on behalf of the Liberals before the coming election.

“Aurora’s doing the work, the Liberals are taking the credit.

“Guy Barnett would not reveal whose signature would be on the correspondence. Will it be Guy Barnett or the Premier?

“The Minister claimed to have advice that posting a cheque was the most efficient method to make the payment – instead of for instance crediting accounts – yet gagged the Aurora CEO when asked if Aurora had provided the advice.

“Guy Barnett was unable to provide any modelling on why the payment was being made in the middle of summer rather during the winter when bills are higher.

“The Liberals have been caught out making a political pitch with public money on the eve of an election.”