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Basslink Groundhog Day

  • Liberals’ relationship with Basslink has broken down
  • Has Barnett been briefing major industrials?
  • All Tasmanians need transparency to have confidence in their energy supply

It’s Basslink Groundhog Day.

Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said it was hardly surprising there was a blowout and that yet again it was Basslink communicating with Tasmanians and not the Liberal minister.

“Tasmanian energy users should all be concerned with this latest development,” Mr O’Byrne.

“The repair times have blown out by more than six weeks and who is to say there won’t be more to come.

“It is clear that Guy Barnett and the Liberals’ relationship with Basslink has deteriorated to the point where communication is coming via press release.

“Has Guy Barnett briefed our major industrial businesses about this escalation in the Basslink repair – or did he only find out via press release himself?

“Basslink is a very important asset to Tasmania and it is clear the Government’s relationship with the company has broken down.

“Guy Barnett needs to take control of his portfolio – it’s clear the Liberals have learnt nothing from the previous energy crisis and continue to prioritise spin instead of tackling the issues at hand.

“Tasmanians – including our major industrials – need transparency from the Liberals to have confidence in their energy supply.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Energy Minister