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Biosecurity must be a priority when it comes to growing salmon

  • Global Symposium tells Government to focus on biosecurity
  • Liberals have quietly adopted Labor’s ideas to strengthen the salmon industry
  • Pilchard virus outbreak should be a wakeup call

Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Shane Broad has welcomed the Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry but has urged the Government to be vigilant.

“The message from the Planning for a Blue Future Salmon Global Symposium in Hobart is that biosecurity should be the Government’s number one salmon priority.

“Current outbreak of Pilchard Orthomyxovirus should be a wakeup call for Government.

“Biosecurity barely rates a mention in a salmon plan that concentrates on grow/no grow zones and politics.

“International experience from every major salmon region demonstrates that viral infections in the orthomyxo virus family, like Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA), lead to industry collapse. It’s only after the industry collapses that there is the government will to make the changes that need to happen.

“We need to make changes now, like immediately banning the movement of fish between leases and working with the three Tasmanian companies to separate different age classes of fish. Small susceptible fish straight from the hatchery should not be put to sea in cages near older fish already exposed to viruses. This process should be government led.

“The Liberals have also quietly adopted more of Labor’s positions in their salmon plan including real time collection, public access of monitoring data and benchmarking of Tasmanian Salmon industry against international standards.

“These were sensible ideas put forward by Labor which we are pleased to see the Government adopt.

“The salmon industry will thrive if we are smart, vigilant and adaptive to change.”