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Bruny ferry traffic backed up as Liberals’ plan fails

  • Cars regularly backed up on Channel Highway
  • Safety of road users put at risk – tourists, business and locals frustrated
  • Disinterested Rockliff ignored warnings since last June

Shadow Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne has slammed the Liberal Government’s failure to deal with Bruny Island commuters as traffic backed up on the Channel Highway becomes a daily occurrence.

“Cars are now regularly backed up on to the Channel Highway each day,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“This is dangerous for those cars lined up but also to anyone else driving in the area, including locals just trying to go about their daily business.

“When he announced the new contract Jeremy Rockliff committed to an improved service.

“The truth is that there’s only two ferries running today and the new vessels in the works will only be half the capacity of the Mirambeena, which comes off the run in two years.

“Labor has warned of problems with capacity of the new ferry service since June but the disinterested Minister Rockliff has done nothing and failed locals and tourists alike.

“The Liberal Government’s bungling of the Bruny Island ferry service has been a complete failure, frustrating tourists, business operators and locals and putting road-users’ safety at risk.”