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Budget makes clear another year of waiting for patients

Budget papers make clear that no patients or staff will be in the Royal Hobart Hospital K Block for at least another year despite Michael Ferguson’s claims that the Royal redevelopment will be completed this August.

“Michael Ferguson’s claims that the redevelopment will solve the health crisis are in tatters,” Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said.

“The Budget says patients will not be in beds in the upcoming financial year.

“Michael Ferguson has conned Tasmanians about the future availability of hospital beds.”

Health funding in the next year only rises by $11 million on last year, which is not nearly enough to cover demand.

“Despite his claims of new funding and increased health staff, Mr Ferguson has funded only the same number of staff as last year,” Ms Lovell said.

“The system will remain in crisis on his watch because the reality is he has no intention of recruiting the additional health staff who are so desperately needed and he has no plan to retain current health staff which Tasmania is in danger of losing.”

Sarah Lovell MLC 
Shadow Health Minister