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Children left at risk in government’s on-going child safety failure

  • Number of vulnerable children waiting for help quadruples
  • Almost 300 reported cases not allocated to child safety officers
  • Child safety system pushed to breaking point by Liberal’s failure

Hundreds of Tasmanian children reported to be at risk have been left vulnerable by the Hodgman Liberal Government’s failure to provide enough resources to cope with demand.

Shadow Child Safety Minister Josh Willie said new figures show that as of this week there were 280 cases of children reported to the Department of Communities who had not been allocated a child safety officer.

Mr Willie said of those cases, 96 were listed as requiring a response which requires child safety officers to make significant contact with families considered at risk.

“The simple fact is that child safety officers have been pushed to the limit by a government and a Minister which have not provided them with nearly enough resources,” Mr Willie said.

“They are not able to provide the services that are required and that means children are being left at potential risk.

“The government has done nothing more than create a shiny new place to take calls – a new “front door” as the government calls it – but the risk to vulnerable children hasn’t improved at all, in fact it has gone backwards.

“Minister Roger Jaensch not only needs to provide an explanation about how the number of children waiting for help has quadrupled in the past year alone, he needs to finally provide child safety officers with the resources that are desperately needed.

“The Hodgman Government has systematically failed vulnerable children and families over the past five years and Minister Jaensch can no longer claim everything’s OK when it is obviously not and the evidence in front of him is clear.”

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Child Safety Minister