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Common sense to extend support

  • Labor welcomes additional support
  • Vulnerable Tasmanians were overlooked
  • Paid pandemic leave is vital to protect public health

Labor has welcomed additional supports for vulnerable Tasmanians announced by the State and Federal governments today.

Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Jobs and ICT Michelle O’Byrne said too many vulnerable Tasmanians had been overlooked in previous support programs.

“Paid pandemic leave is vital not just to provide financial support to individuals, but to help protect public health.

“It will be important that payments reach recipients quickly, or they will be of little value.

“If people can’t afford not to go to work, they risk the health of those around them. This is a sensible move to help reduce the risk of new cases in Tasmania.”

Ms O’Byrne said the state government’s extension of a one off payment to Tasmanians who may not have access to sick leave is also welcome.

“Labor has previously raised concerns about the exclusion of visa holders, students, and casuals from this scheme.

“We welcomed the Premier’s decision to provide the Pandemic Isolation Assistance grant to migrant workers, and we welcome the further extension to include other vulnerable groups of Tasmanians.

“The pandemic is far from over, and Tasmanians will expect government to keep pace with the level of support that is needed across communities.”

Michelle O’Byrne
Shadow Minister for Economic Development, Jobs and ICT