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More confusion over child protection investigation

  • Jacquie Petrusma again fails to get her story straight on child protection
  • Is the investigation ongoing or have the allegations been proven false?

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma must clarify the status of investigations into serious child protection allegations put forward by foster carers.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said the Minister again contradicted herself in Parliament this morning.

“In one answer the Minister ridiculed the allegations raised by foster carers, calling them all false and wrong. In another answer she claimed the allegations were being investigated,” Mr Green said.

“Which is it? Are the allegations all wrong or are they still being tested?

“Are questions being put to Key Assets, as its director claimed last Thursday, or has the Government already made up its mind?

“The Minister can’t have it both ways. Jacquie Petrusma can’t claim the Department is appropriately investigating and then dismiss the allegations in her next breath.

“Have questions been sent to Key Assets?

“If phase one of the investigation is a “fact check”, what is phase two?”