Cradle Mountain Masterplan

Labor will commit to fully realising the missing link in the Cradle Mountain Masterplan.

Without significant investment, one of Tasmania’s premiere attractions is in danger of being loved to death.

The Labor Party was captivated by the vision for this natural icon outlined in the masterplan from day one and committed $15 million to the project well before the Liberal Government got on board.

During the Federal Election, we were successful in lobbying for a $15 million allocation from Federal Labor.

This compared to just $1 million from the Liberals, for a feasibility study which has not yet been released. Progress on the project has been frustratingly slow – with timelines constantly slipping and major works yet to commence.

Meanwhile the vital missing link – a long term, sustainable transport solution into the World Heritage Area – remains unfunded.

Labor does not believe that maintaining reliance on road access alone is in the best interests of the environment or visitor amenity.

Labor supports the original vision for a cableway linking a world-class wilderness village and visitor centre to the Dove Lake precinct.

Labor’s Commitment

A Labor Government would commit to funding the project in a 50-50 split with the Commonwealth Government.

According to the masterplan, the cable way will cost around $60 million, with the completed project likely to be tendered to a private operator.

The funding will be made available when required from unallocated infrastructure allocations outlined in Labor’s Economic Direction Statement.

It is expected that this significant funding commitment from Labor will provide a confidence boost to private investors interested in projects outside the World Heritage area and as part of the wilderness village.

This commitment shows that Labor is serious about supporting tourism and regional development.

Economic analysis by Delloites estimates that with the cableway the entire Cradle Mountain project will create around 150 full time jobs during construction and more than 50 upon completion.

It will lead to an increase of up to 60,000 more visitors a year.

However, the Masterplan is clear that the cableway is essential to drive visitation, jobs and private investment.

“The Cable Car is the core element of the Cradle Mountain concept and is central to incremental demand:

  • Up to 85% of interstate/inbound incremental demand is at risk if the Cable Car is not part of the redevelopment
  • Similarly, up to 83% of intrastate incremental demand is at risk if the Cable Car is passed over.”

It is clear, without this missing link Cradle Mountain will not reach its full potential.

The Liberals have had an entire term to demonstrate that they are serious about this critical project but they just have not delivered results.

Only Labor at both a State and Federal level has demonstrated an ongoing and genuine commitment to the Cradle Mountain redevelopment.

The commitment to the cableway turbocharges Labor’s existing $50 million commitment to regional tourism infrastructure.

Only a Rebecca White Majority Labor Government will be about Putting People First.

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