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Health crisis continues unabated as government focuses on itself

  • Hodgman and Ferguson doing nothing to alleviate on-going hospital crisis
  • Staff working tirelessly as Health Minister looks the other way
  • Government too wrapped up in its own internal mess to focus on crisis

Tasmania’s frontline hospital staff are being pushed to breaking point by the on-going health crisis and a Liberal Government instead focused on its own internal dramas.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said 30 days after the Premier admitted the health system was not good enough, patients were today sleeping on the floor at the Launceston General Hospital, others in Hobart were experiencing unprecedented delays and staff at the frontline continued to do an incredible job in shocking circumstances.

“Patients deserve much, much better than a Premier and Health Minister who are focused on themselves instead of the health and hospital system,” Ms Lovell said.

“Our tireless staff deserve much, much better than a Premier and Health Minister who are relying on their goodwill to keep the hospital system working but refusing to budge on an unfair and unreasonable wage offer.

“This desperate government remains focussed on saving embattled Ministers like Sarah Courtney and Michael Ferguson instead of prioritising an adequate health care system for Tasmanians and it’s just not good enough.

“The fact is nurses and other health professionals at the frontline are largely responsible for holding the health and hospital system together through this crisis and Premier Hodgman and his failed Health Minister Mr Ferguson are doing nothing to help them.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Minister for Health