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Crucial question for the Treasurer: Have you seen the GST report?

  • Tasmanian budget at unprecedented risk
  • Has Morrison consulted with Gutwein?
  • Can Treasurer explain how he will frame a genuine budget with such uncertainty?

With just days to go until the least credible Tasmanian Budget ever delivered, Tasmanians still have no understanding of how Treasurer in hiding Peter Gutwein intends to deal with GST revenue uncertainty.

“The Tasmanian budget is facing an immense risk – it is universally agreed that any change to the GST methodology could have a crippling impact on Tasmanian public services,” Labor Leader Rebecca White said.

“This is the single biggest issue facing the Tasmanian budget in decades, yet we have a Treasurer who, as far as we know, is doing nothing to deal with it.

“If the Treasurer has seen the Productivity Commission’s GST report, then you would hope he has modelled the impacts on his revenue and made the necessary adjustments.

“Has Scott Morrison met with Peter Gutwein to discuss, as he said, a clear transition plan to any new GST carve-up?

“If so, will Peter Gutwein be honest with Tasmanians this week and tell them how much revenue we stand to lose?”

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said if Mr Gutwein has not seen the report, it could only be due to deliberate ignorance or the lack of a working relationship between the Hodgman and Turnbull Governments.

“Without accurate revenue predictions, how can the government properly plan for the public services Tasmanians rely on? “ Mr Bacon said.

“How can it plan for the infrastructure that is so badly needed?

“What plan does Mr Gutwein have in place to address the fact Tasmania stands to lose $367 million in revenue in just three year’s time?

“All we are asking for is straight answers to straight questions.

“Has Peter Gutwein seen the Productivity Commission’s GST Report?

“What measures does Peter Gutwein have in place to plan for a reduction in GST revenue?”