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Damning report, but worse kept hidden

  • Chronic problems in prison system repeatedly highlighted
  • Damning leaked report MIA
  • Elise Archer can’t fix what she won’t acknowledge

A report tabled in State Parliament this week highlights ongoing and serious problems in Tasmania’s prison system, but more worryingly doesn’t appear to tell the full story.

Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the government tried to deflect attention from a damning report leaked last month, and that report now appears to be missing in action.

“The report tabled this week points to concerning issues hampering rehabilitation of prisoners.

“An overcrowded, overstretched system means frequent lockdowns and the suspension of important rehabilitation programs for inmates. And lack of training for correctional officers further hampers the  delivery of those programs.

“Damning as the tabled report is, it covers only some of the worrying content of the report leaked last month, which highlighted shocking levels of overtime, workers compensation, nepotism and bullying.

“The question for Elise Archer is what’s happened to that report?

“We know this government is not above pressuring the custodial inspector when they don’t like what a document says.

“Tasmania’s prison system is in crisis, we’ve known that for a long time. Elise Archer must accept that she can’t fix a problem she won’t acknowledge.”

Ella Haddad
Shadow Minister for Corrections