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DID YOU KNOW: Hodgman, Gutwein & Ferguson plan to put even less into health

  • Hodgman Government failing to fix their own health crisis
  • RER shows health funding going backwards under this Treasurer
Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said today that in last week’s Revised Estimates Report, the Government is forecasting to reduce spending on the health system.
“We know that emergency departments are at breaking point, patients are queued outside hospitals due to a lack of beds and mental health patients cannot get the treatment when and where it is needed,” Mr Bacon said.
“You would think that our hospitals and the health system should be getting more funding from this Treasurer.
“But the RER revealed that in 2019-20 the Treasurer plans to spend $15 million less on our hospitals and health system, than the previous year*.
“That’s right.  Under Will Hodgman, Peter Gutwein and Michael Ferguson, health funding is going backwards. 
“How can we still be asking doctors, nurses and health professionals to stretch even further?
“This Government has got their priorities all wrong.
*Source:          Tasmanian Budget 18-19 Government General Government Expenses (Table A1.16); and
Additional expenditure in 18-19 Revised Estimates Report (Table 4.8)
Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer