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DID YOU KNOW: The budget is going to get worse

  • Treasurer that admits future health allocations are insufficient
  • Budget bottom line is a work of fiction
  • Gutwein must come clean with true state of the Budget

Treasurer Peter Gutwein has admitted to deliberately underestimating future health funding needs in order to mask his budget blow out.
This week Labor revealed that the Revised Estimates Report forecast health spending to decrease by $15 million in 2019-20.
In attempting to mount a defence to sustained pressure from Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon, Mr Gutwein dug a deeper hole from himself by admitting more funding for health will be needed.
“The RER provides a current year update and whilst a significant provision for health has been allocated for future years, health funding for 2019-20 will be considered and finalised during the development of the upcoming budget,” the Treasurer said in a Liberal media release.
Mr Bacon said it’s clear Mr Gutwein is underfunding health to keep his illusion of a surplus intact.
“The problem for Mr Gutwein is that the Net Operating Surplus is just $12.3 million in 2019-20.
“If he allocates less than $15 million then health funding goes backwards.
“If he allocates more than $12.3 million then the Net Operating Surplus is blown.
“The Treasurer owes the Tasmanian people the truth, rather than continuing to cook the books to save what remains of his credibility.”


Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer