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DID YOU KNOW: Treasurer’s arrogant spending claims can’t be trusted

  • Treasurer fails to tell Tasmanians the truth on spending figures
  • Community suffering from the Government’s bad choices and warped priorities

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon today called out the Treasurer for his Budget lies and number fudging.

“After it was revealed that the Government is heading into hundreds of millions of dollars in net debt, now the Treasurer’s claims regarding Government spending have been obliterated.

“Will the Treasurer again face the community and tell us that the Government will always spend less than we earn?

“According to respected Tasmanian economist John Lawrence, the Government is forecast to spend almost half a billion more than it receives in revenue this year.  Mr Gutwein’s claims cannot be trusted.

“The Government has had five years and cannot point to a single piece of economic reform.

“Now we can see where policy cowardice and warped priorities ends up – a budget in disarray and hospitals at breaking point.”


Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer