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Dire need for biosecurity plan for salmon

  • Biosecurity plan would give confidence to public, workers and industry
  • Is Courtney waiting for industry collapse before taking action?
  • Courtney not across portfolio enough to properly defend industry


Reports of the continued presence of Pilchard Orthomyxovirus in salmon producing areas highlights the need for the Primary Industries Minister Sarah Courtney to develop a biosecurity plan for the industry as a matter of priority.

“Biosecurity planning for the salmon industry needs to be taken far more seriously by inexperienced Minister Courtney,” Shadow Minister for Primary Industries Shane Broad said.

Dr Broad said disease outbreaks had the potential to wipe out industry.

“Labor warned last year that the 2017 outbreak of Pilchard Orthomyxovirus should be a wakeup call for the Liberal Government,” Dr Broad said.

“International experience from every major salmon region demonstrates that viral infections in the orthomyxo virus family lead to industry collapse.

“Is Sarah Courtney waiting for the industry to collapse before she takes action?

“This is a serious issue for Sarah Courtney – who is clearly not across her portfolio enough to allay the concerns of Tasmanians and to shut down the Greens’ hysterical attacks which have the potential to damage the industry which supports so many Tasmanian workers.

“The Government needs to take Labor’s advice and implement a biosecurity plan for salmon to give the public, workers and industry confidence.”