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Dumping of NEG undermines investment in renewable energy in Tasmania

  • Uncertainty over renewable energy opportunities in Tasmania after NEG dumping
  • Guy Barnett fails to advocate for Tasmania
  • Liberals must stand up to Canberra and Eric Abetz

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s unceremonious dumping of the National Energy Guarantee creates uncertainty for investment in renewable energy in Tasmania.

Energy Minister Guy Barnett stands condemned for his failure to advocate for Tasmania and stand up to climate change deniers, including Eric Abetz.

In a press release a month ago, Minister Barnett stated:

“This is not the time to play politics with an issue that Australians want resolved. The NEG delivers lower power bills, reliability of supply while working towards a clean energy future.”
Shadow Energy Minister, David O’Byrne, said until the Tasmanian Liberals stood up to Canberra and Eric Abetz, Tasmania’s renewable energy opportunities would be in jeopardy.

“Minister Barnett should have strongly made the case for a national energy policy which supported Tasmania’s place as the renewable energy capital of Australia. Instead, he has allowed the politics of the Liberal Party to ruin this opportunity for the state.

“We have gone from Malcolm Turnbull who supported renewable energy projects like pumped Hydro, to Prime Minister Scott Morrison who has sat in Parliament with a lump of coal.
“The Liberal Party is hopelessly divided on this issue with Senator Richard Colbeck supporting the Paris climate agreement and Senator Abetz leading the charge against it.

“Tasmanian renewable generators are telling us they can produce clean energy at a lower cost than coal power operators, but they need certainty. Premier Will Hodgman knows it. Minister Guy Barnett knows it.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Energy Minister