The Education State – Labor’s Long Term Strategy To Make Tasmania The Education State

Making Tasmania the Education State

We all know how important education and training is for the future of Tasmania. That is why Labor is committed to ensuring our students and young people get the best possible education. Labor stands for accessible and quality life-long learning.

Investing in education will make our state stronger and fairer. Labor believes in a public education system that supports everyone – regardless of where you live or your background.

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Supporting Our Teachers

Labor will immediately restore teacher numbers to pre-Hodgman levels.

In 2014 the Hodgman Liberal Government broke a key election promise by slashing $150 million from Tasmanian schools, and sacking the equivalent of two teachers from every school.

Labor will repair the damage done by the Liberal Government by investing in a world-class education system that delivers for all Tasmanians.

Keeping classroom sizes down means that kids get individual attention and support. Labor’s plan to make Tasmania the Education State also includes more support for our teachers through improved training.

Saving TasTAFE

The Hodgman Government has attacked TasTAFE – sending millions of training dollars offshore.

As part of Labor’s plan to make Tasmania the Education State, Labor will restore the damage done to TasTAFE by keeping training dollars in Tasmania. This means that TasTAFE will be able to support and provide every opportunity to Tasmanians to reskill on the job and make education a whole of life experience.

Tasmanian Education Partnership

We all know our education and training systems will drive our economic growth. That is why Labor will ensure that education
initiatives are supported beyond political cycles.

In Government Labor will establish the Tasmanian Education Partnership which will leverage the expertise of the Underwood Centre, industry leaders, workforce groups and education specialists to create an education pathway from kindergarten to the workforce.

Protecting Pathway Planning

Labor regularly speaks with students and teachers about the vital role Pathway Planning plays in supporting and equipping
students with the skills they need to make crucial life decisions about their future. 

More than 2100 people signed a petition in support of Pathway Planning. That’s why Labor will make sure that our schools and our students have access to quality Pathway Planning so vital support can be provided to our school leavers as they transition into more education, training or work.

Retention and Aspiration

Labor understands that distance is a barrier for some students to continue their education.  That is why when in government we facilitated the extension of rural high schools to year 12, we continue to support this process. 

We are also strong believers in a vibrant and fully funded Tasmanian public college system and the opportunities it provides to
students.  We recognise that despite what it has said, if the Government proceeds with the extension of urban high schools to year 12 our colleges will be fundamentally undermined. 

That is why we have called on the Government to halt its rollout of Years 11 and 12 in urban high schools.

Labor will ensure students stay in school longer by requiring every student to identify and enrol in years 7 to 12 at a high school or college of their choice before starting high school. We will invest in modern ICT infrastructure in our existing high schools and colleges to strengthen pathways and better support shared learning.

Active Kids for Active Communities

By joining in a sporting club, young Tasmanians and their families have a chance to engage with positive role models, establish new friendships and become actively involved in their communities.

However, Labor understands that all too often, the cost of membership fees and new equipment prevents some children from participating. That is why, in our first year of Government, Labor will direct the Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania Division to establish a 12 month ‘Active Kids – Active Communities’ pilot program.

Invest in Two New Child and Family Centres

A Labor Government will build six new Child and Family Centres in its first term.

Child and Family Centres have transformed the lives of children and their families by giving them better access to learning, health services and support.

They are tailored to meet the needs of their individual communities, including pregnancy and parenting support, child and family health, oral health, immunisation, nutrition, early childhood education and adult literacy.

Enhancing the Mental Health of Young People

There is growing understanding that young people need support to manage their health and wellbeing, especially their mental health.

Recent data shows that young people aged 16-24 have the highest occurrence of mental illness compared to any other age bracket. That is why Tasmanian Labor is committed to introducing compulsory age appropriate social and emotional learning (SEL) programs in schools, starting in primary school.

The Education State

It’s not fair or right that the kids who need the most support are getting left behind. The Premier simply doesn’t understand or care that there are real consequences for Tasmanians when his Government cuts education and training funding.

Every child in Tasmania in every school deserves the opportunity to be the best they can be and contribute to Tasmania’s future.

Labor is putting people first and focusing on achieving positive outcomes for our young people. Together we can make Tasmania the Education State.