Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Labor is expanding its commitment to making Tasmania a national leader in electric transport technology.

Transformational advances in the Tasmanian economy are only possible through vision and leadership from government – like that shown by past Labor governments in investing in hydro electricity.

The hydro network remains the backbone of our economy but this investment is under threat from declining energy demand and the take up of residential solar installations.

This threat to Tasmania’s economy requires strategy, forward-thinking and leadership from government.

Labor has already committed $10 million to roll out a staged plan to make Tasmania a leader in electric vehicles including $3 million for the infrastructure and technology required for Tasmania to support electric vehicles.

Tasmania Needs Leadership

Electric vehicles represent both a new industry and an industry enabler for Tasmania.

According to the Liberal Government’s own energy strategy, increased adoption of electric vehicles in Tasmania will bring significant benefits to the State including a reduction in carbon emissions, less air pollution, increased revenue for the state from higher use of our hydro electric network and improved energy security.

However, the Liberals have adopted a hands-off approach which could see Tasmania miss out on the advantages of early adoption.

Labor knows that the market for plug-in electric vehicles is expected to expand rapidly over the next two years.

Investing In Our Future

Labor knows that it will take vision and leadership to transform Tasmania and build an economy for the future.

Labor is calling on the Liberal Government to take an active role in developing a network of electric vehicle charging stations for Tasmania. We must learn from the rest of the world that implementing electric vehicle charging stations requires coordination, commitment and leadership. Government must work with stakeholders to ensure a safe and consistent system is developed.

Supporting Tasmania’s Future

A carefully planned network of fast charging stations will extend the useful range of electric vehicles, overcoming a major barrier to adopting electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles can be charged overnight at home. However, for trips that go beyond the range of a charge (between 100km and 300km) there is need for a network of charging stations.

Businesses are already exploring the benefits of installing their own charging stations.

The Government needs to take a lead role in coordinating the network, including providing supporting information about specifications and requirements so that charging stations are strategically placed and universally compatible.

Labor is calling on the Liberal Government to work with partners including the Australian Electric Vehicle Association, TasNetworks, Hydro Tasmania, the RACT, local council, the Spirit of Tasmania, Parks and Wildlife and tourism operators across the state to ensure the installation of electric vehicle charging stations is managed and coordinated.

This project is another step in Tasmania becoming self-sufficient in both electricity and transport consumption. It is the next step in building Tasmania’s economy for the future.