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Embarrassing backflip over laser tag ban

  • Extraordinary backflip a win for common sense
  • Minister left with egg on his face
  • A win for local businesses and students

The Education Minister’s extraordinary backflip on a decision to ban school excursions to laser tag venues is a win for common sense.

Shadow Minister for Education and Early Years, Josh Willie MLC, said it was an embarrassing admission from the Minister.

“By overturning this decision, the Education Minister admits he failed to consult with the wider community before implementing a policy which would outrage many local businesses and people in the school community,” Mr Willie said.

“This ill-advised ban could have had serious implications for the local businesses who run these activities and also deny students from participating in fun team building events.

“I’m disappointed the community was forced to start up a petition which was signed by more than 2000 people for the Minister to finally take notice.

“As a former teacher, I advise the Minister to stop meddling in decisions that are best left with professional educators and their school communities.”

Josh Willie MLC
Shadow Minister for Education and Early Years