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Facebook foster care posts completely inappropriate

  • Children in care advertised on Facebook ‘BUY AND SELL’ page
  • Posts are completely inappropriate
  • Minister must respond immediately

Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma must respond to the revelation that children in the foster care system are being advertised on Facebook.

Shadow Minister for Child Safety Josh Willie said the posts relating to children on the North West Coast are inappropriate.

“Foster care opportunities, describing individual children, have been posted on a “BUY AND SELL” Facebook page,” Mr Willie said.

“Regardless of the intentions of the person who posted the ad, it’s completely inappropriate.

“These pages are for second-hand furniture, not for children in care.

“It cheapens the role of foster carers in the community and devalues the children who desperately need a supportive and caring environment.

“The Minister must respond immediately to the issue and confirm her government does not condone the posts.”