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Families and students will save in Labor’s free bus travel plan

  • Labor’s free student bus travel will provide cost of living relief
  • Hidding being desperately misleading and dishonest on costings

The increasingly desperate Hodgman Liberal Government has done nothing to relieve cost of living burden for Tasmanian families, placing its energies into trying to thwart free bus travel for school children.

Shadow Public Transport Minister Craig Farrell said Labor’s comprehensive All Aboard transport strategy included providing free bus travel for Tasmanian kids to their nearest school.

But Mr Farrell said Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding was determined to prevent families saving money by wildly exaggerating the cost of the program without providing any proof of how he had arrived at his claimed costings today.

“The Labor policy is clear that $9 million has been committed over the period of our Economic Direction Statement to fund this initiative and that figure is based on the best available public information about the numbers of student using Metro bus services at the moment,” Mr Farrell said.

“The Minister appeared confused today when he simultaneously accused Labor of increasing pain for families by not giving them free travel to a school further away and then under-estimating the cost.

“Our policy is clear – free travel to the nearest local school – and for those travelling further the full concession fare will apply.

“The Liberals appear to have made their costing claims based on every single student taking the bus for free, including students who already qualify for free bus travel.

“Mr Hidding needs to back up his claims by releasing this information, if indeed he has it.”