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Ferguson’s betrayal on terminations should be end of the road as Health Minister

  • Ten months of deception, dishonesty and indecision unacceptable
  • Premier should have stepped in when it became clear Ferguson would not deliver
  • Access to safe, legal procedure denied over Michael Ferguson’s personal beliefs

Failed Health Minister Michael Ferguson’s disgraceful betrayal of Tasmanians in failing to meet his own deadline for the reinstatement of termination services should force Premier Hodgman to finally act on the health crisis.

Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said Premier Hodgman had allowed Mr Ferguson to spend the better part of the past year dishonestly telling Tasmanian families services would be reinstated by October when it was now clear it was not a priority for the Health Minister.

“The Liberal Government has admitted it has missed its own important October deadline by releasing scant information that a new private provider would start taking referrals “in coming weeks”,” Ms Lovell said.
“Tasmanian women have been given only a vague undertaking that the government is “hopeful” arrangements will be put in place at some stage but with no guarantee around the frequency of service or around future costs.

“Michael Ferguson has no capacity to understand that by allowing his own well documented personal ideological opposition to termination to cloud his judgement, he has caused considerable pain and cost and inconvenience to Tasmanian women and families by forcing them to travel interstate.

“The Premier allowed that to happen while at the same time Mr Ferguson has remained in charge of a health and hospital system plunged into an on-going crisis. The Premier knows his Health Minister’s position is untenable.

“This legal service has not been available to Tasmanian women since January and the fact is that if Michael Ferguson cared – and if he had not allowed his personal beliefs to get in the way – not only would services be available from today when he promised they would be, terminations could have been established within the public system by now.”

Sarah Lovell MLC
Shadow Minister for Health