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Five years later – Libs’ missed opportunity as scandals and dysfunction take hold

·         Little to celebrate after five years of Liberals failing Tasmanians
·         Labor holding Government to account, developing positive, job-creating policies
·         Parliament delayed because of Liberal scandal and mismanagement
Premier Hodgman’s major achievements after five years of Liberal Government are crisis, scandal and dysfunction.
Formers Ministers Harriss, Groom, Brooks, Hidding all left the Parliament with more questions than answers over their departures.
Other senior Ministers have survived scandals and sit in the Parliament because the Premier is too weak to act.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said Labor’s policies will always put people first while the community continues to suffer from Premier Hodgman’s failures.
“Make no mistake, the past five years have been a wasted opportunity,” Ms White said.
“The Budget is headed for $343 million in debt.
“Tasmanian young people are less likely to have a job than any other state, while the Government is failing to properly invest in TAFE.
“Our hospitals and health system are in crisis – with a health funding black hole of $100 million every year.
“More than 3200 Tasmanians remain on housing waiting lists with more than a year to wait.
“Roads are gridlocked and the government has no plan to address it.”
Ms White said the Tasmanian Labor team is stronger, bigger and working hard on behalf of Tasmanians.
“Labor has been holding the Government to account for its failures and showing our commitment to putting people first,” Ms White said.
“Parliament should have sat this week but Premier Hodgman delayed the return of Parliament because of scandal in his own ranks.
“His Ministers are failing to do their jobs while Tasmanians are suffering.
“We now know the Liberals have squandered the good times, and Tasmania is heading into hundreds of millions in debt.
“Labor is working with stakeholders across the state’s key economic sectors with our Industry Advisory Councils (IACs) to create more full time jobs in Tasmania and we continue to put forward solutions to the ongoing health crisis and housing crisis while holding the Government to account.
“Labor is united and determined to provide Tasmanians with a positive alternative to this tired, scandal-plagued Government that refuses to put people first.”
Rebecca White MP 
Labor Leader