Policy Action Caucuses

Policy Action Caucuses are groups of Labor party members and supporters who have an interest in advocating for a particular policy area.

Becoming involved with a policy action caucus is a great way to shape Labor policy in an area of your interest. Currently Tasmanian Labor has five affiliated caucuses: the Labor Environment Action Network and Rainbow Labor, Labor for a Republic, Labor Friends of Palestine (Adam Clarke), Labor Unions Policy Action Caucus

Labor Environment Action Network


LEAN is a grassroots network of ALP members and supporters who are concerned for the health of the planet. We care about climate change and the integrity of our natural systems. We also believe Labor is the only progressive party in Australia that can form government and therefore must lead the debate in Australia on environmental policy.

LEAN works to influence the policies of the ALP and Labor parliamentary caucuses to support strong action on climate change and the environment.

Contact: Kathryn Barnsley, tasmania@lean.net.au | Facebook | Website

Rainbow Labor Tasmania

248662_204553122919814_7279772_nRainbow Labor branches exist around Australia to advocate for the issues affecting the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans* and Intersex) community. In Tasmania this group has achieved a number of significant outcomes including the introduction of state-based same-sex marriage laws and same-sex adoption laws.

Contact: Benjamin Dudman, bendudman@icloud.com.