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Government fails to fight for Vodafone jobs

  • Government has known about Vodafone jobs threat for over a year
  • Will Hodgman cannot afford to keep denying Tasmania’s jobs crisis
  • Liberals must take a proactive approach and fight for jobs

The Hodgman Government has failed to stand up and fight for jobs at Hobart’s Vodafone call centre.

Vodafone announced today it is set to slash more than half of its remaining workforce at the Hobart call centre.  

Labor Member for Clark, Ella Haddad, said Labor warned jobs at Vodafone were under threat over a year ago when Vodafone Hutchison Australia (Vodafone) merged with TPG Telecom.

“The Government has known about the threat to jobs at Vodafone for over a year but it appears they have done nothing,” Ms Haddad said.

“Hobart’s Vodafone workers have been through a lot over the last couple of years and deserve to know their Government will fight for their jobs.

“Will Hodgman cannot afford to keep denying Tasmania’s jobs crisis.

“5,600 full time jobs have been lost in Tasmania in the past 12 months, with the state’s jobless rate the second worst in the nation.

“Will Hodgman promised before the last election to deliver the lowest jobless rate in the country, but what we are seeing are jobs being destroyed.”

Ella Haddad MP
Labor Member for Clark