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Government must resolve contentious issues before caretaker mode

  • Adam Brooks email audit tops list of unfinished Government business  
  • Liberals lurching towards caretaker mode with key issues unresolved  
  • Government desperate to keep crucial reports hidden     

Time is running out for the Liberal Government to clear up a number of serious issues before the state goes into caretaker mode prior to the election.

“There are some headaches the Liberals can’t put off any longer,” Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said.

“Top of the list is the email audit into the business account belonging to former Mining Minister Adam Brooks, which is now 18 months overdue.

“The Government cannot allow this issue to drag on past the election.

“The reasons put forward as to why the audit cannot go ahead are not legitimate.

“No one has ever been interested in Mr Brooks’ private emails.

“The Premier instructed the Crown Solicitor to audit the business email account to discover what Mr Brooks was using the account for while serving as the Minister for Mining and to understand the role Mr Brooks was still performing in the business.

“Will Hodgman should guarantee that occurs prior to the election.”

And there are other unresolved issues that Tasmanians deserves answers to before they go to vote.

“The Government needs to address the TAFE audit that it’s keeping secret and the Deloitte report into the health system it claimed didn’t exist,” Mr Bacon said.

“They are both crucial reports that Tasmanians deserve to see before they go to vote.

“Human Services Minister Jacquie Petrusma will also go to the election with a cloud over her head after failing to release the final report into out-of-home care provider Safe Pathways.

“And despite the Treasurer being issued a summons by the Parliament, the Government looks like it will try to make it to the election without disclosing the advice it received in relation to the sale of the Tamar Valley Power Station.

“Over the past four years the Hodgman Government has gained a reputation for being arrogant and secretive.”