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Government shuts down scrutiny rather than answer hard questions

  • Just three months from election Hodgman still determined to hide facts from Tasmanians
  • Liberals walk out of GBE hearings when going gets tough
  • Cowardly, dishonest government just not willing to answer questions

Premier Will Hodgman has blatantly shut down today’s Government Business Enterprise hearings rather than answer tough questions.

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said it was outrageous that, aided and abetted by GBE chair and Braddon MP Joan Rylah, Mr Hodgman had been so barefaced and unashamed in his bid to keep secret facts Tasmanians needed to know.

In light of revelations of a tendering scandal in the Parks and Wildlife Service, the Premier was given the opportunity today to address the issue in GBE hearings.

“A Committee of the Parliament was shut down so the Premier did not have to answer serious questions about what he knew about the Maria Island ferry contract,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“The issue was directly relevant to the  Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority hearing and has been canvassed in previous hearings.

“It defies belief that Mr Hodgman and his colleagues would be so deliberate in their efforts to avoid transparency but should not come as a surprise to Tasmanians who have lived with this government and its disgraceful secrecy now for four long years.

“When the going gets tough, this weak and secretive Premier is prepared to go to extreme lengths to avoid scrutiny and keep important issues hidden away from Tasmanians.

“This is typical of a pattern of behaviour that just cannot be allowed to continue.”