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Government turns its back on prison staff

  • Elise Archer breathtakingly dishonest over violence against workers
  • Correctional officers outraged over denial of incidents
  • Minister not engaged with her portfolio

Elise Archer’s wilful ignorance of assaults on correctional officers demonstrates a minister not engaged with her portfolio.

Shadow Minister for Corrections Ella Haddad said the denial of any incidents was breathtakingly dishonest.

“Two correctional officers have recently needed hospital treatment after violent incidents at Risdon Prison. To say there have been no incidents of violence is either blatantly dishonest or wilfully ignorant.

“Serious incidents such as these would be the subject of regular briefings to the responsible minister, so it’s incomprehensible that Elise Archer says they didn’t happen.

“The minister has a duty of care to those workers, and they are rightly offended by her comments today.”

Ms Haddad said continued inaction by the government is putting at risk the safety of correctional officers in Tasmania’s prison system.

“The policies of Will Hodgman’s government have significantly increased the numbers of inmates since they came to power, without a corresponding increase in correctional staff.

“Constant overcrowding in the prison puts at risk the safety of staff and inmates.

“If the government wants to talk tough on crime, they need to provide appropriate resources to the justice system and correctional officers to ensure we have a functioning prison system, and one in which government upholds its duty of cares to its employees.”

Ella Haddad
Shadow Minister for Corrections