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Government’s announcement on police in court raises big questions

  • Why has it taken the Liberals so long to act on an election promise?                 
  • Liberal policy doesn’t support the North West
  • Labor is committed to replacing police in court in the North and North West          
  • Announcement comes after the Premier failed to secure the return of the AFP

The Liberal Government has taken almost four years to act on a promise to move Tasmania Police out of Tasmania’s courts and still the announcement only goes half way.

Shadow Minister for Corrections Lara Giddings said the Liberals have left the North West high and dry.

“Today’s announcement is more than three and a half years overdue and doesn’t help the North West,” Ms Giddings said.

“Why has it taken the Government so long to act and why aren’t police being removed from courts in the North West as well as Launceston?

“And where is the money coming from? Is it coming from the already under-pressure corrections system where there is a shortage of staff?

“Are these six recruits people who would otherwise be helping to ease the tension in our prisons?

“The belated announcement comes at the end of a week when the Premier failed to guarantee that the Australian Federal Police presence will be restored at Hobart Airport.

“Labor is fully committed to bringing the AFP back to the airport which will significantly relieve pressure on Tasmania Police.

“The Premier’s failure to convince his Liberal colleagues that Tasmania is worthy of the same protection as other states is proof that his rhetoric around law and order issues is all talk.

“Will Hodgman’s track record of getting good results for Tasmania from the Federal Government is appalling.

“Labor welcomes today’s announcement in relation to Launceston’s courts but the Government needs to explain why, after nearly four years, it’s only done half of what it promised.

“Labor is committed to replacing police in our courts in both the North and North West.”