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Government’s panicked Elizabeth Street Pier sale done behind TasPorts back

  • GBE learned of pending sale through the media
  • Gutwein addicted to asset sales

It has been revealed TasPorts were kept in the dark about the privatisation of the Elizabeth Street Pier until after it was announced in the media.

TasPorts is a part owner of the Pier and yet the business admitted it first learnt of the sale through the media.

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, said it was clear the Liberals were embarking on a panicked fire sale.

“It is extraordinary that TasPorts have no information about the sale, despite being a part owner of the asset,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“It is unclear who will take on the maintenance liability for the pier, which is understood to be subject to load restrictions due to concrete cancer.

“The Government must assure taxpayers that they will not be left with the maintenance bill after the income generating tenancies are flogged off to the highest bidder.

“Peter Gutwein is addicted to asset sales – first with the Treasury Building, then with Elizabeth Street Pier.

“It is little wonder the Hodgman Government is meekly standing by and allowing the Federal Government to wield a big stick to force states to sell energy assets.”


David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport