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Greens and Liberals on unity ticket against wind farms

The Liberals and the Greens have joined forces in an ugly coalition against renewable energy jobs at the Robbins Island wind farm.

“Of course we have concerns about the Robbins Island wind farm.” [Tasmanian Greens Leader, Cassy O’Connor]

Robbins Island wind farm was visually, a step too far (The Mercury – 15 July). “Mariners will see this hairbrush of tall towers from 50km out to sea and elevated landlubbers will see it, like it or not, from greater distances on land.  Its eye-catchiness will divert from every coastal scene on the western Bass Strait coastline.”  [Former Greens Leader, Bob Brown]

(Regarding wind farms)  “The last thing we want is what I regard as the dark satanic mills of the modern era spoiling our landscape.”  [Former Liberal Prime Minister, Tony Abbott]

“They did come to different conclusions on solar and the large-scale, the wind subsidies, and what we know is rooftop solar in remote areas can be economic, but large-scale wind it’s very clear that it’s not economic on any grounds.”   [Federal Energy Minister, Angus Taylor]

Shadow Energy Minister David O’Byrne said this policy position would destroy Tasmanian jobs and hurt the environment.

“Tony Abbott, Bob Brown, Cassy O’Connor and Angus Taylor are in lock step against the Tasmanian renewable energy sector,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“The Robbins Island wind farm has the potential to create hundreds of jobs and be an integral piece of Tasmania’s clean energy future.

“The State Government needs to come out and tell Tony Abbott, Angus Taylor and Eric Abetz to back off.

“Labor strongly backs renewable energy jobs – but it seems the Greens and the Liberals are determined work together to stop this development at all costs.”

David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Energy Minister