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Gutwein Government puts Tasmanian jobs last

  • Job losses more than 50% higher than national average
  • 2,300 Tasmanians lost their job in the past month
  • Jobs and wages both continuing to drop

The latest employment figures prove that only Labor has a plan for creating jobs for Tasmanian workers.

ABS data out today shows Tasmania’s recovery is continuing to go backwards under the Gutwein Government.

Shadow Treasurer David O’Byrne said the rate of job losses for Tasmania is running at 50 percent above the national average.

“While employment is recovering from the worst of the pandemic across the rest of the country, Tasmania is the only state that’s still shedding jobs,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Thousands more Tasmanians have been thrown out of work in the past month.

 “This is a sad and damning indictment on the Gutwein Government, which continues to turn a deaf ear to the employment needs of too many Tasmanian workers and their families.

“It’s also bad news for many people who still have a job, with wages in Tasmania falling 5.5 percent, the worst drop in the country.

“The Government claims it will build Tasmania out of COVID but its infrastructure program is totally failing Tasmanian workers and their families.

“Employment in the construction sector has collapsed.

“Nine hundred jobs were lost in construction in the past month alone.

“Other hard hit areas are agriculture and manufacturing, and nearly 3000 jobs have been lost in accommodation and food services since March.   

“Peter Gutwein keeps telling us what a great job he’s doing for our state but that’s not true for nearly 12,000 Tasmanians who’ve been thrown out of work since March, including the 2,300 who lost their jobs in the past month.”

David O’Byrne MP  
Shadow Treasurer