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Gutwein has no plans for donation reform

  • Liberals fail to act on reform promise
  • Peter Gutwein must do more than ‘have a look at it’

Peter Gutwein has shown his colours today on political donations, refusing to commit to law reform before the next election.

Shadow Attorney General Ella Haddad said despite a reform commitment taken to the last election, the Liberal leader is in no hurry to honour it.

“Peter Gutwein was asked directly today whether he would reform donation laws before the next election.

“His reply, that he would ‘have a look at it’, confirms the Liberals don’t plan to take any action on their promise.

“The Premier said he thinks the source of donations should remain anonymous so people ‘feel they can contribute’.

 “In his view, it would take the equivalent of an ICAC investigation for him to have a reason to consider reform.”

Ms Haddad said Tasmania has the weakest political donation disclosure laws in the country.

“Labor would fix these broken laws to make sure the community knows who is funding elections.

“We call on Peter Gutwein to support our position on donation law reform.

“Labor would legislate so all donations to political parties, individual members and candidates over $1000 are disclosed in real time with rolling 14 day disclosures. We would also introduce spending caps for political parties and individual candidates.

“Anything less will fail to meet the community’s expectation.”

Ella Haddad
Shadow Attorney General