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Gutwein must finally release GST modelling

  • State Treasurers deny Morrison’s GST plan
  • Tasmanian Labor said from start Scott Morrison and Federal Liberals could not be trusted

Treasurer Peter Gutwein’s three months of denial on the GST deal proposed by Canberra has been revealed today.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Bacon said that after months of the Liberals saying the deal was good “on face value”*, the Treasurer was today finally exposed.

“It is now incumbent on the Treasurer to release modelling, which will reveal that they’re been lying to Tasmanians the whole time,” Mr Bacon said.

“All along Tasmanian Labor has said that you can’t trust Scott Morrison and the Federal Liberals on the GST.

“Today’s decision by all state Treasurers not to accept this dud deal shows that they agree.

“Peter Gutwein must not accept any deal that will leave Tasmania worse off.

“Tasmanian Labor’s position remains unchanged. The current formula is set by agreement between State and Federal Governments rather than in legislation. This is designed to ensure all states and territories receive the same level of service and should be maintained.”

*The Liberals’ track record backing the deal “on face value”:

  • “So, on the face of it, this is a proposal that is worth considering.” – Premier Hodgman, 5 July 2018
  • “…the GST proposal that Mr Morrison and I reached is, on face value, a good deal for Tasmania.” – Treasurer Gutwein, 12 September 2018
  • “Tasmania will on face value be $112 million better off and that’s good for Tasmania.” – Treasurer Gutwein, 12 September 2018
  • “We have no reason to believe it is not a good deal and a good deal on face value.” – Deputy Premier Rockliff, 1 October 2018

Scott Bacon MP
Shadow Treasurer