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Gutwein’s utter dishonesty exposed by explosive TasWater revelations

  • Chairman and CEO take unprecedented step to expose Treasurer’s dishonesty with Statutory Declarations
  • Gutwein must now explain why he deliberately mislead Tasmanians and Parliament
  • Explosive revelation shows a government unravelled after three years

Treasurer Peter Gutwein has been caught out in his dishonest political stunt to take over TasWater with the Chairman and CEO both signing Statutory Declarations that expose his deceit.

Labor Leader Bryan Green said Miles Hampton and Mike Brewster had exposed the Treasurer’s unbridled dishonesty, with their signed declarations that shoot down Mr Gutwein’s claims that he raised water and sewerage issues “over and over again” in the three years since the Hodgman Liberal Government came to office, leading up to his plot to take over the organisation.

“Three years to the day after the Hodgman Government took office, it has officially unravelled on all fronts, particularly with these revelations from TasWater which are nothing short of explosive,” Mr Green said.

“Mr Gutwein’s political stunt, his dishonesty and his pure deceit have been exposed.”

Both Mr Hampton and Mr Brewster make clear in their statutory declarations:

“At no time in my meetings with the Treasurer, has he raised the issue of a water crisis or advised that TasWater’s ten year plan needs to be accelerated. Our discussions were based on a proposal developed by TasWater which set out how we might address the key water and sewerage challenges facing us in a ten year timeframe.”

“It’s an extraordinary and brave step for both the CEO and Chairman of a major infrastructure corporation to set the record straight in this manner after the Treasurer stated again and again that he has raised critical water and sewerage issues with them over the past three years,” Mr Green said.

“The Treasurer had the opportunity to correct the record in the Parliament today but he did not – in fact he dug in deeper.

“The Treasurer has been caught out pure and simple and he now needs to explain why he has been so dishonest about TasWater and his plan to take over, both inside the Parliament and outside.

“The facts are this – the Treasurer has met with TasWater at least nine times since March 2014 but at no time, according to Mr Hampton, did he raise concerns that water and sewerage infrastructure upgrades were moving too slowly.

“The question today is why he was determined to mislead Tasmanians and trick them with this blatant, devious political stunt.”