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Hanson stands condemned on appalling, ignorant, offensive comments

Tasmanian Labor Leader Rebecca White today has called for all Australians to stand together and reject One Nation, after appalling revelations that Pauline Hanson has been spreading conspiracy theories on the Port Arthur Massacre.

“For 23 years, many Tasmanians have carried the grief of Port Arthur,” Ms White said.

“The families of 35 innocent victims did not have their loved ones come home that night.

“Ms Hanson’s shocking comments have reopened those wounds and caused unnecessary anguish for Tasmanians.

“For the leader of an Australian political party – even one as repugnant as One Nation – to spread this rubbish is unbelievable.

“To stir up that grief for people still suffering is cruel, it is misinformed and it is ignorant and offensive.

“This should be above politics.  We should stand together and reject and condemn Pauline Hanson’s team who peddle hate, fear and lies.”

Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader