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Health Minister must break his silence on neurology promise

  • Michael Ferguson promised in November that two neurologists had been offered positions at the LGH
  • Confirmation now the positions are still vacant
  • Did the Minister mislead Tasmanians?
  • When will these crucial services be in place?

Labor Leader Rebecca White has called on the Health Minister to explain what’s happening when it comes to neurology services in the North of Tasmania.

“Michael Ferguson promised in November last year that two neurologists had been offered positions at the LGH but we’ve heard nothing since,” Ms White said.

“Have the positions fallen through? Did the Minister mislead Tasmanians about the positions in November last year to try and avoid scrutiny over his own performance?

“If they have agreed to take up the positions, the Minister needs to explain when that will happen.

“Tasmanians with severe health problems are being forced to travel interstate to visit specialists.

“Improving our ability to attract specialists to the north is one of the driving reasons behind our support for a co-located private hospital, because it will help provide a better working environment to attract and keep quality staff.

“It will mean both public and private patients will be able to access the services they need.

“Michael Ferguson has badly mismanaged neurology services in Northern Tasmanian.

“In June last year, the only full-time neurologist across the North and North West left the state.

“Dr Kurien Koshy spoke out about the lack of support he received from the Minister and the Tasmanian Health Service.

“Instead of taking Dr Koshy’s explanation for leaving seriously, Michael Ferguson criticised him for speaking publicly.

“It’s taken far too long to find a suitable replacement for Dr Koshy.”