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Health on the agenda for Huon

  • Well-known GP to contest seat of Huon
  • Huon losing out on jobs, health and infrastructure
  • Bastian Seidel will be a voice for the people of Huon

The Tasmanian Labor Party today announced Dr Bastian Seidel will contest the upcoming Legislative Council election in the seat of Huon.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said she was delighted to have a candidate with the strong community connection and understanding of Dr Seidel.

“Bastian is well known in the community, having practiced here as a GP for the past decade. He has cared for thousands of people who’ve come through his practice, and formed a deep understanding of their concerns.

“He’s raising his young family here and is committed to delivering results that will enable people to remain and thrive in this beautiful part of Tasmania.

“That’s the kind of representative the people of Huon deserve, one who will advocate for them every single day in the Tasmanian Parliament.”

Dr Seidel said he was excited by the opportunity to serve his community in a new way.

“Too many people in the Huon have been left behind. I want my children to grow up knowing they have opportunity in the Huon, and that they can make a secure and meaningful life here.

“Right now, people in the greater Huon area face ever-longer commutes to Hobart to get jobs, they are disproportionately disadvantaged by funding cuts to health, and the community suffers because investment in much needed infrastructure is virtually non-existent.

“I know my community and I understand the concerns people hold. My commitment to the people of Huon is that I will tirelessly work to deliver outcomes that improve the standard of infrastructure and essential services, that deliver education and jobs, and that lift health outcomes.

“For far too long, the concerns of rural communities have not gained the attention of the government. My commitment to the people of Huon is that I will work tirelessly to change that.”

Rebecca White
Labor Leader

Bastian Seidel
Labor candidate for Huon