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Historic church at Kempton should be exempt from sale

  • Labor working to protect historic church at Kempton
  • Prominent Tasmanian buried at the Kempton church site
  • Calls for the regulator to change church classification


Labor Member for Lyons, Jen Butler, is working to stop St Marys Church at Kempton from being sold off.

Ms Butler has written to the Regular of Burials and Cremations requesting the church be regulated as a cemetery after discovering a prominent Tasmanian was buried at the site.

“The Reverend W M Trollope was buried under the foundation stone of St Marys Church in 1863,” Ms Butler said.

“This information should classify the church as a cemetery making the site almost impossible to sell under the Act.

“I have written to the regulator requesting the change in classification, urging for them to make the right call.

“This is just another example of the Anglican Diocese failing to properly consult with rural communities before pushing through the sale of these historic sites.

“This issue has left many people in rural areas grieving over the loss of these special places that are steeped in history and have formed an important part of their community.

“We are calling on the Government to show some leadership and ensure the Diocese doesn’t sell off any more churches.”

The Church of the Good Shepherd at Hadspen, St Marys Church at Hagley and St John the Baptist Church in Ouse will also be regulated as cemeteries following changes to the Act in Parliament last week.


Jen Butler MP
Labor Member for Lyons