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Hodgman Government determined to keep extent of housing crisis from Tasmanians

  • Jaensch true to form again in unacceptably late release of data
  • Tasmanians right to be questioning what government has to hide
  • Affordability pressure continuing to climb

Important updates to Tasmanian housing statistics are yet again being kept under wraps by the Hodgman Liberal Government in the midst of the ongoing housing crisis.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the latest CoreLogic data showed average Hobart house prices have now overtaken Adelaide and Perth and a chronic undersupply of housing is placing increased pressure on renters.

Meanwhile the Government is keeping information about the true extent of the housing crisis hidden from Tasmanians.

The Government’s Human Services dashboard should have been updated before Christmas to reflect the September quarter but there is no sign of new information.

“What that means is that Tasmanians – and importantly those Tasmanians languishing on housing wait lists – can now only access housing statistics up to June 2018,” Ms White said.

“That information shows in June the average waiting time for priority housing applicants was 60 weeks and 3,216 Tasmanians were stuck on the housing waiting list but that information is now unacceptably out of date.

“Tasmanians are right to ask what the government and Housing Minister Roger Jaensch have got to hide?

“It’s crucial Tasmanians be given access to this data at a time when there is an on-going housing crisis.

“We’ve been down this path before with Mr Jaensch when the December 2017 quarter update was with-held during the March election campaign – and then released on Good Friday when the government hoped no-one was watching.

“It is extremely devious and unacceptable but typical of this Liberal Government’s dedication to secrecy.

“Mr Jaensch and the government clearly don’t want the extent of homelessness and the lack of housing availability to be known.

“It’s reasonable to question why updates to these important figures have not been delivered and I call on Mr Jaensch to provide an explanation today.”


Rebecca White MP
Labor Leader