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Hodgman Government flat out of ideas

  • No Bills again today
  • Hodgman Government has no legislative agenda

Will Hodgman is flat out of ideas as we see yet another day go by without the introduction of a single Bill.

Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly, David O’Byrne, said the Government had only introduced three Bills in the last four sitting days.

“So far this year, only 35 Bills have been introduced and with only 16 sitting days left before the end of the year, the Government has very little time to get its act together,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“The tally for the Government over the last five years is disappointing. The Liberals introduced 64 Bills last year and the same number the year before. This dropped to 72 in 2016, 57 in 2015 and just 41 in 2014.

“In contrast, Labor’s last full year of term in Government in 2013, we introduced 82 Bills. In 2012, we introduced 60 Bills and in 2011, we introduced 82 bills. Our record was in 2009 with 103 Bills introduced.

“It is clear, the Government has no legislative agenda and has been so focused on fighting among themselves that there is barely enough legislation to fill each day in Parliament.

“It has got so bad that there will not even be a quorum call tomorrow for the Legislative Council to schedule business for next week. After spending most of the week in briefings, it seems the Upper House will have very little to do next week either.

“The chaotic and dysfunctional Hodgman Minority Government is flat out of ideas and Tasmanians expect better.

“Will Hodgman is doing nothing in Parliament to make the lives of Tasmanians better and should be focusing on the big issues like Tasmania’s disastrous jobless rate and the health crisis.”

David O’Byrne MP
Leader of Opposition Business in the House of Assembly