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Hodgman Government has no answers on youth homelessness

  • Mission Australia report paints a grim picture for Tasmanian teenagers
  • Hodgman Government not interested helping young Tasmanians who are most vulnerable

Housing Minister Roger Jaensch and his colleagues in the Hodgman Liberal Government have no solution for the rising number of Tasmanian teenagers battling homelessness, highlighted in a confronting report from Mission Australia today.

Shadow Housing Minister Josh Willie said the organisation’s report Young People’s Experiences of Homelessness reveals 17.3 per cent of Tasmanians aged between 15 and 19 who took part in the survey have slept rough.

“When there is a housing crisis like Tasmania is facing now, young people are particularly vulnerable and it’s not a surprise that a growing number of Tasmanian teenagers are experiencing homelessness,” Mr Willie said.

“Roger Jaensch and Premier Hodgman should be aware that younger people will be among the worst affected but three months after the talkfest they touted as a housing summit, no progress has been made and thousands of young Tasmanians remain caught up in this emergency.

“It’s all very well for Roger Jaensch to be talking up an emergency nine-bed facility for youth in Hobart and a 25-bed supported accommodation facility in the north west, but the fact is there are no transitional or permanent properties for young Tasmanians experiencing the tragedy of homelessness.

“The Minister and the government are incapable of understanding that many, many young Tasmanians can’t access full-time jobs, they are in insecure employment and they can’t make ends meet after the Liberals’ cuts to penalty rates.

“They are in a terrible situation, they have nowhere to turn and they are faced with a government that just doesn’t care and will not act.”